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Before writing this post, I thought a lot about linkage. I didn't want to increase traffic to propaganda blogs and websites by linking to them--but I did want readers to be able to see the kind of nastiness involved. So most of the links in this post are to cached versions.

Absolute write water

I had every intention of keeping this blog going while I began the querying process, but the end of the semester essays to grade as well as querying proved to be the most I could handle at one time. So, there you go. Those are the best excuses I can come up with for being a lazy asshole and not updating this blog for three months.

I started querying literary agents towards the end of March. It took a significant amount of time to work my way through the Guide to Literary Agents. I ranked agents as first tier, second tier, and so on. While I was editing the manuscript, I spent a lot of time downloading and reading e-books about agents, publishing, etc.

I think I wrote about a few of those books early on. So here are a few things that I think are extremely important for any newbie writer to know when throwing themselves to the wolves of publishing: Simply following this one rule will save you so much heartache.


And this non-service is going to cost you money. It is free to join. Writers can talk about their experiences, and the moderators of the site have lots of experience in the industry and really do their research.

What is a mediocre agent? I have to admit, I queried a few of them because I failed to do the proper research beforehand. It is extremely important that agents have contacts with major publishing houses, and it is preferable that they have multiple sales to these publishing houses.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being published by a reputable smaller press or even an e-publisher.

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Your work is worthy of a great agent with great contacts. How will you know which ones are reputable?

Absolute write water

Sometimes these publishers will even send you a sample contract so you can get an idea of royalty rates, copyright info, etc.

Just as with agents, no reputible publisher will ask you for money. Some even have print imprints are you confused yet? Learn more about imprints HERE that writers can submit to without needing an agent.

One of these such imprints is Avonwhich is a romance imprint of Harper Collins. So it is possible to become published by one of the major houses without having an agent. Some even pay an advance.Why Flee Absolute Write for Other Writer Forums?

Is Criticism Possible Without Resorting to Bullying? See Absolute Write above, doing that thing they do. Bewares! The Absolute Write Water Cooler is active enough, but has more than their fair share of condescending know-it-alls.

If you’ve ever been there for any length of time, it’s like. Part IV: Organizational Partisanship & Biasness – The Need for Change Within the SFWA.

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Part 4 of 4. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Absolute write water

At the Absolute Write forums, you’ll learn more about the craft of writing and the publishing industry than Writer’s Market will ever teach you.

With over 20, members, professional and non-professional alike, it is the premiere indie gathering place on the internet for writers. Had it not been for the Absolute Write Water Cooler, I would have never applied to Viable Paradise last year.

It's a terrific resource, and I'm very glad to know it'll be back soon. I hate seeing somebody get results by yelling and screaming and being abusive to people who don't deserve the abuse. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Home > Resources > Absolute Write Water Cooler Absolute Write Water Cooler Absolute Write's Bewares and Background Check forum is invaluable for discussions of .

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