Advertising in outdoor media

Overview[ edit ] Billboard advertising is a traditional OOH advertising format, but there has been significant growth in digital OOH digital billboards and place-based networks in recent years; for example, about 4, digital billboard displays have been installed in China and the United States. Today, billboard revenue is 73 percent local ads, 18 percent national ads, and 9 percent public service ads.

Advertising in outdoor media

Since Swing Media has been providing clients with such results. The world of outdoor media is difficult to navigate.

Outdoor advertising cannot be turned off, fast forwarded, thrown away or skipped, hence your message reaches consumers everywhere, all the time. Everyday smart marketers have an opportunity to connect with consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way.

Swing Media makes this connection possible. It delivers a variety of Outdoor advertising media forms through a vast and nationwide network, strategically positioned to deliver your message effectively and efficiently.

As Media Buyers, we secure multiple vendor solutions to assure ideal outdoor coverage. Our significant annual business volume creates solid ties with most vendors nationwide, from the large publicly trade ones to the small and independent ones.

It also provides us with a strong purchasing power. In return, we are granted preferential rates resulting in more cost effective solutions to our clients. Our combined years in advertising and marketing have given Swing Media multiple awards in customer service and satisfaction.

Swing has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience spanning from entertainment and live music to interior design, real estate, media and advertising. Swing founded the company in as a local billboard buying service and currently, Swing Media is a full national service Outdoor Advertising agency.

Swing developed unique relationships with clients due to his sense of creativity and distinctive feel of the Out Of Home world. In addition to his advertising venture, Mr. Swing is also an active partner in a number of other businesses such as Plus 2 Management a restaurant management companyTerra Verde Technologies a cutting edge Net Zero Energy company and Influicity an Influencer based Social Media company.

As a fourth generation Angelino, Mr. Swing has exceptional ties with local city officials, business owners, corporate executives and entertainment celebrities.

Prior to Swing Media, Mr. Swing was consumed by Interior Design. By the age of 20, Mr.

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Swing had already designed his first multimillion dollar home. Swing holds a B. From early age, Mr. Elias rapidly developed a keen eye and knowledge for business dealings. Before his 20th birthday, Mr. Elias immigrated to the United States in the pursuit of the American Dream and became a business owner by the age of As President at Swing Media, Mr.

In addition to advertising, Mr. Elias is also an active partner in a number of other businesses such as Plus 2 Management a restaurant management companyTerra Verde Technologies a cutting edge Net Zero Energy company and Influicity an Influencer based Social Media company.

Elias established aggressive grass roots marketing campaigns and creative advertising throughout each venture, resulting in immediate growth and national success.

Multilingual and educated on three different continents, Mr. Elias holds a B.

Advertising in outdoor media

Swing has been in the world of fashion for over 10 years starting with a Professional Designation degree in Visual Communication transitioning to Kitson LA as head of Visuals and onto French Connection as a Regional Merchandiser.

Swing found her calling in fashion advertising at Swing Media where she currently is the Director of Sales. Swing showed exceptional talent in sales and creative imaging through her background in communication and visual merchandising especially in new business development.Lamar Advertising Company provides out-of-home advertising space for clients on Billboards, Digital, Airport Displays, Transit and Highway Logo Signs.

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Chitra Publicity is the leading specialist in eye-catching Outdoor Advertising Company/ Agency for businesses and agencies all over India, major cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & Rajkot. Ad Agencies. Marketing Professionals. Small Business. Our core clientele are advertising agencies, corporate marketing professionals and small business owners, all of whom rely on our expertise advice and guidance in navigating the many different forms of Outdoor Media to .

Learn why OUTFRONT Media, formerly CBS Outdoor, is your connection to the best assets, audiences, innovation, and people in the advertising business. Alliance Media is widely recognized as the pan-African leader in billboard advertisements, advertising on billboards and airport advertising, having the widest coverage on the African continent.

Patrick Sherry. Pat began his advertising career more than 20 years ago when he moved to New York City to manage and expand the national sales and marketing office of the outdoor advertising firm Revere National Corporation.

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