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Types of extension The concept and practice of extension are the central themes of this guide. However, before beginning to look at the many different aspects of extension practice in later chapters, the meaning of the term extension needs to be examined.

Ch03 test

Integers and floats are numeric types, which means they hold numbers. We can use the numeric operators we saw last chapter with them to form numeric expressions.

The Python interpreter can then evaluate these expressions to produce numeric values, making Python a very powerful calculator. Strings, lists, and tuples are all sequence types, so called because they behave like a sequence - an ordered collection of objects.

Squence types are qualitatively different from numeric types because they are compound data types - meaning they are made up of smaller pieces.

There is also the empty string, containing no characters at all. In the case of lists or tuples, they are made up of elements, which are values of any Python datatype, including other lists and tuples.

Lists are enclosed in square brackets [ and ] and tuples in parentheses and. A list containing no elements is Ch03 test an empty list, and a tuple with no elements is an empty tuple.

The third is a tuple containing four integers, followed by a tuple containing four strings. The last is a list containing three tuples, each of which contains a pair of strings. Depending on what we are doing, we may want to treat a compound data type as a single thing, or we may want to access its parts.

This ambiguity is useful.

Ch03 test

Note It is possible to drop the parentheses when specifiying a tuple, and only use a comma seperated list of values: The expression inside brackets is called the index, and must be an integer value.

The index indicates which element to select, hence its name. Think of the index as the numbers on a ruler measuring how many elements you have moved into the sequence from the beginning.

Both rulers and indices start at 0. Now that you have seen the len function, you might be tempted to try something like this: It causes the runtime error IndexError: The reason is that len seq returns the number of elements in the list, 16, but there is no element at index position 16 in seq.

Since we started counting at zero, the sixteen indices are numbered 0 to To get the last element, we have to subtract 1 from the length: The expression seq[-1] yields the last element, seq[-2] yields the second to last, and so on.

The most common pattern is to start at the beginning, select each element in turn, do something to it, and continue until the end. This pattern of processing is called a traversal. For now just note that the colon: Sometimes it is helpful to have both the value and the index of each element.

The enumerate function gives us this:3 Slide 5 Mean n The mean of a data set is the average of all the data values. n The sample mean x is the point estimator of the population mean m.

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Used to help determine any protein abnormalities and deficiencies in the complement system. Test # 2. Understanding extension. Contents - Previous - Next. The concept of extension Principles of extension Extension and education Types of extension.

The concept and practice of extension are the central themes of this guide.

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