Cleaning products business plan sample

This sample plan will provide you with important guidelines when creating a business plan for a company offering MLM cleaning products.

Cleaning products business plan sample

The principal owner of our company is Stephanie Ryder who currently serves as the President of the Executive Committee of our company. Ryder has brought several years of experience in the cleaning service industry into our cleaning company, and it is this experience of hers that has helped the company overcome odds during the initial stages of its operations.

The key figure in our company who must be mentioned in the same breath as Mrs Ryder is her sister, Clementine Orton.

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She contributes greatly to our customer service department, the bookkeeping sector as well as other areas of our business that requires the expertise and experience of someone as knowledgeable, proactive and dynamic as Ms.

At this current period of our time, the company is looking for some much needed additional equity capital that will be a perfect addition to our own equity investment. Therefore the company is now looking to sign a deal with a bank for funding our inventory and our receivables.

We have assured several clients, both corporate and residential clients, in cities across the state of Illinois, especially in the city of Chicago, to provide a host of different cleaning services in their commercial complexes and residential buildings so that they can live in a clean, safe and secure environment without the fear of having their homes and offices turned into a dirty and inhabitable environment.

Once the financial arrangements for our inventory and receivables funding are finalized by the bank, we hope to resume our cleaning services and cleaning products business plan sample our services to cities across the state where we are yet to explore and leave a mark on.

Key Success Factors When talking about the key success factors, it all comes down to the vision and the goals of our principal owner Stephanie Ryder.

It is her energy, exuberance and efficacy to take a start-up company from the realms of oblivion to the echelons of the cleaning service industry that we count on most as the key success factor of our company. In addition to that, we believe that we have an impressive social network that will allow the business to smoothly float from one client to the other without having redundant periods of unemployment between contracts.

We refuse to provide cleaning services that are incomplete and those that fail to meet the expectations of our endeared clients. This will allow us to give the very best service and cleaning product selection to various clients across the state without being distracted by the very different product and service demands of general market outlets in the cleaning industry.

All of this and more will allow your business to draw success towards itself and compete with the very best in the industry for bragging rights and dominant market positions.

The majority portions of the funds we receive will be used to finance and streamline the business operations until we start generating sufficient amounts of revenue and making enough profit to finance our own operations and expand these operations beyond our expectations.

Till then, we must be reliant on external finances whether it be in the form of the funds that we received from the bank or the funds that have been granted to us by the principal owner Stephanie Ryder, the immediate members of the family, her relative, friends, co-workers and previous employers and business partners.

cleaning products business plan sample

According to our estimations, within the next 2 years give or take 3 months the company will have enough clients and will be carrying out the required number of deals to generate healthy revenue and become profitable. Our calculations and research work also tells us that within 4 years of breaking even, the investors in our business will be able to retrieve the entirety of their funds and will be able to cash out with ease.

The founding partners of our company will have the option of purchasing the investment stake or substituting the replacement stake with extra bank funding after the completion of the first 4 years of full-fledged operations provided that the company breaks even and earns considerable profit.

We hope to become the first name in the shopping list of homes and offices when they are looking for cleaning services that can lend them a helping hand in creating a beautiful living or working environment.

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We will reward our clients for making us their first choice by providing them with cleaning services that are equal, if not better, than the best cleaning service available to them, and one that is certainly most affordable if the client decides to sign a long term contract with us.

We do not want to simply become a provider of cleaning services or a supplier of cleaning products. Rather, we want to be known as a team of cleaning experts who the entire state can rely on to keep their homes and offices sparkling clean and refreshed.

We want to help build a state where people no longer have to compromise with their living and working conditions courtesy of our cleaning services. A cleaner and greener world is certainly our primary objective for starting this start-up business.

Milestones Securing verbal commitments from our first batch of commercial clients who are willing to sign a 6 months contract is complete.

Securing verbal commitments from the batch of commercial clients who are interested to subscribe to our services for a trial period of 1 month is complete. Securing verbal commitments from the first batch of commercial clients who are willing to sign up for our services for a shortened term of 3 months is currently underway.

Executive Summary

A warehouse lease for 6 months has been signed. First written orders from suppliers for the next 6 months have been received. Purchase of vehicles necessary to transport cleaning products and equipments is currently underway. Full catalogue of services and products used for conducting services has been completed and revised.

Presentation to potential investors who are looking to add their money in the investment pool is currently underway. Presentation to banks who will be interested to finance our operations and inventory is currently underway.

Employee recruitment for 3 different cleaning teams is now complete. Employee training for 3 different cleaning teams is currently underway under the supervision of professional mentors and experts hired temporarily.

Securing the insurance for the entire cleaning business is now complete. Devising the employee policy is currently underway and is being conducted by Stephanie Ryder and Clementine Orton.If you are looking for a sample fish farming business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a fish farm and free feasibility report you can use.

Are you searching for a business plan sample for your fish farming business? This article presents you with a fish farming business plan sample that you can easily use as a template to write one for your business. Learn how to start your own home cleaning business with the knowledge and insights of an expert.

Get started and keep organized Target your market and assess competition Polish both your business and cleaning techniques Home cleaning is one of the fastest-growing service businesses in North America.

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A Business Plan is crucial for starting and running your business successfully. Sound business plans can help you get a loan, keep you on track toward your goals, and provide a reference for benchmarking, reviewing results and making adjustments in your business.

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MLM Cleaning Products Business Plan Earthly Clean presents a whole line of environmentally friendly cleaning products through a multi-level marketing system. There is a clear need of a different kind of cleaning products since most of the supplies we can find now are contaminant.

Starting a cleaning business? A good business plan will give you a leg up on the competition.

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How To Start Poultry Farming In Nigeria (Business Plan) Earthly Clean has been founded by Devon McGregor. The Products Earthly Clean sells a complete line of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for all possible household uses.

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