Cmns assignment 1

Explorations in Mass Communication: Issues and Controversies Catherine Murray. A relationship or behavioral pattern of importance in the life of a community or societyAn ever-present featureAn enduring organization, or set of organizations bound formally or informally by rulesSee custom courseware, page 40CMNS Protocol for lecturesAttend oftenRead beforeSwitch off cell phonesUse laptops for notes onlyASK questions or take notes of questions to ask your TAThis is a cumulative course: A Students Guide to Research and Writing.

Cmns assignment 1

SUR or by appointment Teaching Assistant: Please email me if you plan to come to my office hours so that I can be sure to be there. Other times may be available by appointment. Emails will normally be responded to within 48 hours. If you have questions: We have found that many of the questions asked by students can be answered by this course outline or other course documentation.

Please read the course documents carefully and look on WebCT before sending questions by email. The best way to get a question answered that is not on course documents is to first check the information posted in WebCT, and then check with two other classmates, since they may have the answer in their notes from class.

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There is also a forum on there where you can ask questions and receive responses from your colleagues. This introductory course gives an overview of the forms, theories and institutions of mass communication, and their role as a part of broader social change.

The course is divided into two sections. The first section introduces the era of mass communication, and some of the more influential approaches to its study with questions such as: What constitutes mass communication? What is the role of media in democracy?

How has mass media been regulated? Since the mass media are everywhere - newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, the Internet, networks, films and popular music saturate our lives — most of what we know about our society and ourselves comes from mass media.

What can we learn from this? What impact has the introduction and dominance of communication industries had on us as a society and as citizens and consumers?

Cmns assignment 1

What role can we play in this transformation? How does concentration of ownership affect the media and the control of information? What is the relationship between mass media and globalization?

A number of media industries will be examined in detail. There is also an e-book version available on request and cheaperhowever, it has problems with the orientation of the pages for some readings.

A comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and principles taught in the course. A high degree of originality and independence of thought.

A superior ability to organize and analyze ideas, and an outstanding ability to communicate. B- to B A substantial knowledge of the subject matter. A moderate degree of originality and independence of thought. A good ability to organize and analyze ideas and an ability to communicate clearly and fluently.

C- An acceptable grasp of the subject matter. Demonstrates understanding of assignment. Some ability to organize and analyze ideas, and ability to communicate adequately. Rudimentary knowledge of the subject matter. Some evidence that organizational and analytic skills have been developed, but with significant weaknesses in some areas, and significant weaknesses in the ability to communicate.

The school expects that the grades awarded in this course will bear some reasonable relation to established university-wide practices with respect to both levels and distribution of grades.View Homework Help - CMNS - Assignment docx from CMNS at Athabasca University, Athabasca.

Using Buckinghams suggestions for further research with regard to video games, examine one of. CMNS Introduction to Human Communication Networks CMNS Understanding Television Assignment #1 due week 3 10% Assignment#2 dueweek 5 15% Assignment #3 due week 7 20% Assignment #4 due week 10 20% Term Paper due week 13 35% 0.

CMNS , page 3 9 - . Start studying CMNS Understanding Statistics. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Sylvia Roberts Liaison Librarian for CMNS Spring Purpose of assignment. To help you: Gain familiarity with research for statistical sources of information Slideshow by aelwen.

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