Custom paper cutter stamp

Soak your paper for a few hours or overnight. However, experiment with junk mail, office paper, paper grocery bags, the yellow pages, rejection letters, and more. Also, experiment with different color combinations.

Custom paper cutter stamp

To be totally honest, I'm not positive I'm no internet guru. I don't use Compuserve, but I suspect just clicking on the word "Download" should work. Try right-clicking if left-clicking doesn't work.

A Mac user has reported that after you install Adobe Acrobat, if you just click on "Download", everything is automatic from there on.

custom paper cutter stamp

What type of paper should I use to print the pages? There isn't any "right" answer to this, but I'll give you my opinion. Paper comes in various "weights" - standard letter paper is either 20 lb.

I think you should probably use at least a 70 lb. If possible, you should also try and find a paper that is "acid free". Most papers contain acids used in their manufacture that can, over 10 or 20 years, damage stamps. This probably isn't worth worrying about if you always use mounts, but could become a problem if you hinge the stamps.

So where do you find an appropriate paper? Paper distributors probably won't be interested unless you plan to buy huge quantities. One alternative is a printing company, something like PIP. They can get a wide variety of papers from the distributors and, for a mark-up naturally, will probably be willing to get you a reasonable quantity of paper.

They should also be able to have the paper cut to Scott International or Specialty size for you, if that's what you need. Another source would be an office supply store like Office Depot or Office Warehouse.

Either a printer or office supply store should also be able to help you pick between the zillions of brands and weights available. All of the Hammermill line is acid-free, so that's a good choice if you hinge your stamps. For a relatively heavy, stiff paper you might consider a brand Kinko's carries: Boise Cascadewhich is 65 lb.

It's a beautiful paper and it's acid-free. I've also gotten a good report on Wausau 'Exact Index' lb. You also might want to try a paper available at Business Depot - made by Weyerhaeuser PA, this is 57 lb. Try and get a few sheets of whatever paper you pick as a sample first, however, to make sure it works OK in your printer - the heavier papers can sometimes cause paper jams.

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How to I print on Scott International or Specialty sized paper? This may be possible using other printers, but the Cannon BJC is the only one I can guarantee will work, or provide instructions for.

Using the BJC, you can produce highly professional looking versions of my pages on either International or Specialty sized paper.

Of course you'll have to locate a supply of good quality paper in the right size see my FAQ on paper. You can't just print on blank International or Specialty pages, since my pages already have a built-in border, and this would give you two set of borders on the page.

You'll need totally blank paper. It's also a little tricky getting the BJC set up initially for this type of printing, but here I can help you out.

Just click on either International Printing or Specialty Printing for complete instructions. The BJC is a fairly fast printer for most types of documents; however, the special settings you'll use for printing my pages will slow it down considerably, so that each page will take about 2 minutes to print.

This is the only disadvantage to the BJC that I'm aware of, but it's worth the wait considering the quality of the pages.

custom paper cutter stamp

If you're wondering about Laser printers, don't! Lasers that can handle oversized papers are very expensive - many thousands of dollars. Prices are falling, and I may eventually find one that's suitable and not too horribly expensive, but I don't know of one now.New Arrivals Wrapping Paper Flat Wrap Wrapping Paper Rolls Handmade Paper Cavallini Paper Bags & Boxes Gift Bags Gift Boxes Finishing Touches Ribbon Bows Gift Tags Custom Labels Tissue Paper Gift Wrap Station Sale.

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