Divorce and homosexuals essay

To those who accept homosexual acts and same-sex marriage: If there is no God, then carry on - there are no moral absolutes.

Divorce and homosexuals essay

November 30, at 1: NOW marriage is based on romantic love. But THEN it was a vehicle to strengthen ties with other families, clans, towns and countries. THEN marriage extended the lineage for another generation.

Marriage THEN was essential for most people to have a living. Women brought real and tangible value to the marriage through their dowry, their skills and their ability to bear children. But these premises for marriage changed towards the romantic view that people should marry for love.

Even though we are currently going through the throes of trying to define marriage, the fact is, Coontz points out, the west is making another major shift in its approach. Not for much longer. Who are we kidding.

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Social Security is bankrupt. Marriage will likely not disappear in this or the next generation. But if the big picture trend continues…. Moreover the marriage of past fertility people is much less celebrated think Charles and what-her-name versus Charles and Dianna and at least preserves the form of marriage.

Finally, Matt, marriage is not all about you. Marriage is about reproducing a society, a necessary function which extends far beyond your own circle. This will put an additional monkey wrench in those dissolutions.

Divorce and homosexuals essay

Gay marriage is coming along at a time when biological parents fathers in particular are beginning to gain new leverage in ways they could not have before. This means that the equilibrium between men and women is balancing out whereas gay marriages the opposite will occur.

I think that there is an upcoming clash between the proponents of same sex marriage and biological parents rights that will become inevitable. Gays will have incentives for the reasons I mentioned to try and weaken biological parents rights and visa versa with gays and lesbians ultimately on the losing end.

Ken Zaretzke November 30, at 4: A little reflection shows that they surely do not have such a capacity if sterile opposite-sex couples have only an ideal capacity to procreate. An extrinsic capacity to procreate cannot be an ideal or actual capacity, which only opposite-sex couples have.

The bottom line is that, with respect to the meaning and nature of marriage, same-sex couples are simply not in the same boat as fertile and infertile opposite-sex couples. The fact of procreation, properly understood, provides a solid and immovable foundation for exclusively opposite-sex marriage.

Another Matt November 30, at It wouldn't make sense to hire him. Let's say that his ultimate reason for choosing to program computers was because he wanted to pick up a nerd girlfriend — I still don't think this would affect the justice of whether or not to allow him to try.

And then let's say he had all the knowledge of algorithms and program structure required of a programmer, but due to an astigmatism and dyslexia he can't do the actual programming at the computer for the spate of syntax errors he makes — maybe it doesn't make sense to hire him, but I don't think it would be just to not allow him to call himself a programmer.

This metaphor probably doesn't extend too much further, but this kind of description sounds to me a lot more apt. In sum, if your arguments about marriage serving to perform the function of "caring for ones children that are produced as a result of sexual intercourse," you're simply going to have to extend that to infertile couples because they can't care for any children that are going to be produced as a result of their intercourse.Same-Sex Couples: Child Custody Issues.

The specific rules for child custody and visitation differ from state to state and continue to be in flux with regard to gay parents. A Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, by Katherine E.

Stoner; This article was excerpted from A Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples. Persuasive Essay - Gay Rights In , gay marriage was legalised in the state of California for days, before being voted out agin.

the divorce rate among Danish homosexuals is only 17 percent, compared to 46 percent for heterosexuals." (Jones, Marian M., ) Since then France, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and The Netherlands are among /5(8). In an article titled, “I've Been Divorced Four Times, But Homosexuals Are the Ones Destroying Marriage,” published in February of , blogger Matt Walsh intends to move anyone who advocates for “traditional marriage” to focus their attention on preventing divorce instead of opposing gay.

The statement signed by prominent public intellectuals and published in First Things is a well-intentioned effort to avert same-sex “marriage.” In it the authors declare same-sex “marriage” a more serious matter than divorce or cohabitation. A Church Statement on Human Sexuality: 1.

Divorce is rampant; co-habitation before or instead of marriage has become normal; new technologies have made pornography immediately accessible; and the once inconceivable notion of same-sex "marriage" is now recognized by law in a growing number of jurisdictions.

The need for a. Explain why Henry VII wished to to divorce Catherine of Aragon in words - 2 pages This essay will examin why Henry VII wished to divorce Catherine of Argon in The main reason why Henry wished to divorce Catherine was because she wasn't providing Henry with a healthy male heir.

This is a problem for Henry because if he doesn't have a male heir then who will be King after he dies.

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