In what ways does imtiaz dharker

I open the door. Come in and eat with us. The child steps in and carefully, at my door, takes off his shoes. We believe that we understand how this person will act; we may even think we know who they are, what they represent, their motives, even their appearance, just from this one word.

In what ways does imtiaz dharker

A newer Sevres pleases — Old Ones crack — This stanza brings a shift of tone. The reader becomes aware that the words connect with the previous stanza in a way that brings in an entirely different meaning.

At this point, it is important to remember that the poem began with the refusal to live with someone.

In what ways does imtiaz dharker

That someone, perhaps a lover, would offer the speaker life. But the speaker does not believe that life is accessible to her. She believes that it is meant to be something distant. She is not sure exactly why she believes this, other than the firm belief that someone or something outside of her is controlling her life.

She compares these forces to a Sexton and then to a housewife.

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This is one of her reasons for claiming that she cannot live with the person to whom she speaks. The first reason is that it would bring her life- life which she believes she cannot obtain.

The second reason is that she believes she would eventually be discarded and replaced with someone new. Now, she is not only refusing to live with someone, but she is also refusing to die with someone.

This implies that someone has asked her to spend her life with him.

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This coincides with the historical context of the poem. Certainly two young people of the opposite sex living together would have been nearly unheard of, and would have brought shame upon the family. She claims that she cannot live with this person, and then she claims that she cannot die with him.

She offers a few reasons for this refusal as well. She claims that one person must wait to die until after the other person has died. After all, someone had to be there to shut the eyes of their beloved dead. Even though she obviously feels alive being around this person, she refuses to live with him for fear that she would eventually be discarded.

Then, she goes on to explain that even if she were not discarded, love could only end in one other way. One of them would have to watch the other die. It seems the speaker would rather avoid love than risk losing it through death or departure. Here, the speaker expresses her disdain at the thought of watching her lover die.

If she were ever subjected to such tragedy, she should think she has a right to die herself. Yet, she knows that life does not work that way. This is yet another reason she offers in defence of her choice to decline this marriage proposal. This is quite a shocking claim. The speaker obviously believes that the face of Jesus should shine the brightest at the final resurrection.

The speaker clearly believes that this would not be right, and thus she uses this as yet another reason for her refusal to marry the person to whom she speaks.In what ways does Imtiaz Dharker use language and structure to convey her ideas in 'Blessing'?

Blessing is a poem which creates a celebratory scene as well as being ominous and disturbing. Poems must not have been printed or published (including on internet magazines, but ok if only on a personal or friend's blog with restricted access), nor have won a previous prize.

Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker Imtiaz Dharker’s poem can be read in two ways. A straightforward reading might suggest that the poem is simply a description of an. Get an answer for 'Please explain "The Right Word" by Imtiaz Dharker, such as figures of speech, phrasing and pauses in the language.' and find homework help for other Poetry questions at eNotes.

I Cannot Live With You Analysis Stanza 1. I cannot live with You — It would be Life — And Life is over there — Behind the Shelf. I Cannot Live With You opens with a curious line. The speaker is addressing a person and telling that person that she cannot live there with him.

Free Essay: Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker Imtiaz Dharker’s poem can be read in two ways. A straightforward reading might suggest that the poem is simply a.

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