Indian case study of od intervention

Organizational Development Organizational Development Organizational development OD encompasses the actions involved with applying the study of behavioral science to organizational change. It covers a wide array of theories, processes, and activities, all of which are oriented toward the goal of improving individual organizations. Generally speaking, however, OD differs from traditional organizational change techniques in that it typically embraces a more holistic approach that is aimed at transforming thought and behavior throughout an enterprise. Definitions of OD abound, but they are all predicated on the notion of improving organizational performance through proactive techniques and activities.

Indian case study of od intervention

Pawan Budhwar Jyotsna Bhatnagar The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www. Saini Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India Abstract Purpose — The purpose of this paper is to examine developments in the field of organizational change OC with reference to the context of India.

It highlights the need to analyze this topic in the present Indian economic environment and discusses the main developments reported in the Indian literature on the same. Findings — The findings focus on trust building and belongingness for the employees, establishing a high-performance orientation, quality improvements, and the resultant transformations at NDPL.

The analysis indicates a number of ways by which NDPL sought to improve its efficiency in order to better adapt to the rapidly changing Indian business environment. Practical implications — Based on the findings, the paper identifies key messages for policy makers and change agents regarding how to transform companies in the rapidly changing business contexts of emerging markets such as India.

Keywords Organizational change, India, Performance management, Transformational leadership Paper type Research paper Introduction Over the past 20 years or so, there has been much debate in Western literature regarding the most appropriate way to manage organizational change OC Beer and Nohria, ; Dawson, ; Kanter et al.

Over the years, the scope of OC has increased to encompass large-scale interventions, including strategic change Chapman, This emphasis in OC literature on strategy may account for recent developments which Journal of Organizational Change indicate a converging trend in the activities and processes of human resource Management Vol.

Considering that 23,5 HRM is a relatively new discipline especially in emerging markets and the existence of a strong variation regarding the practice of HRD and OC in different parts of the world, more evidence is needed to confirm observations and claims that this convergence is taking place.

Further, keeping in mind the contextual and cultural differences across nations Hofstede,it is imperative to conduct both country-specific literature analysis and in-depth research investigation to obtain a clear picture of OC interventions and to clarify linkages between OC, HRM, and HRD Metcalfe and Rees, This study is specifically focused upon OC in the context of India.

The main aims of this study are twofold: The next section considers the changing business environment in India and discusses why documented analyses of OC interventions in the Indian context are important to theory building and practice. Economic liberalization and OC in India The relatively strong economic performance of the Indian economy in recent years IMF, is an outcome of the economic reforms initiated in India was forced to liberalize its economy as in it reached its worst position and witnessed a double-digit rate of inflation, decelerated industrial production, fiscal indiscipline, a very high ratio of borrowing to the gross national product both internal and external and a dismally low level of foreign exchange reserves.

In response, the government announced a series of economic policies, followed by a new industrial policy and fiscal and trade policies.

Indian case study of od intervention

A number of reforms were made in the public sector, trade and exchange policy, the banking sector, and foreign investment was liberalized Budhwar, However, the liberalization of the Indian economy has resulted in sudden and increased levels of competition for Indian firms from international firms.

At the same time, it has also created opportunities for resource mobilization from new sources.


The human resources HR function is under severe pressure to bring about large-scale structural changes in order to cope with these challenges. In such conditions, the core focus of the Indian HR function has been on the development of their human resources in order to implement major OCs Budhwar and Sparrow, ; Sparrow and Budhwar, ; Saini and Budhwar, ; Budhwar and Bhatnagar, In a haste, some Indian companies tried to adopt the readily available Western interventions to facilitate OC Kalra,but with limited success Gupta, In this regard, scholars Sparrow and Budhwar, have raised a serious need for relevant OC interventions which can enable Indian firms to attain quality improvements, cost efficiency, employee development, motivation, and successful change programs Amba-Rao et al.

Researchers highlight that the role of economy, the position of the state, the ways of OC and doing business, and the national culture have an impact on the effectiveness of OC development interventions in different settings Child, ; Golembiewski, Dabur India Ltd- A Case Study 3.

“The test of a successful company is to further harness energies, align priorities and re-dedicate themselves for achieving even higher goals.”.

Case Study 1 | Case Study 2 | Case Study 3 These intervention case studies will give you a clearer, deeper understanding of the Intervention process. Though each situation is specific to the individual and no two situations are ever exactly the same, by reading through the case studies you'll gain insight into how it might go in your situation.

An organizational development intervention and change management case study for an employee morale problem inside a hospital. Conclusion and implications The two main aims of this paper were to highlight key developments in the fields of OC in the Indian setting and to provide empirical evidence from a case research analysis to explore how OD/HRD interventions are implemented in India.

Leadership Development for Organizational Change in a “New” UK University The Leadership Trust Foundation This paper reports on the findings of a case study of an Organizational Development (OD) intervention within a new university in the UK.

Previous research into the leadership of higher education has As designers of the OD.

Indian case study of od intervention

Bell & Vohra – Chapter 6: Indian Case Study. 16 &17 Topic: Survey Feedback – 2 Sessions Assignment: Design a questionnaire for ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey’ for a.

b. Rao & Singh – Chapter 3: Other OD Interventions: Choose one OD intervention that appeals to you and explain why. or caninariojana.comn No. 18 Topic Assignment Essential.

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