Job embeddedness

How are street gangs different from other criminal groups, such as organized crime groups, motorcycle gangs, ideology groups, and prison gangs?

Job embeddedness

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Shop Class as Soulcraft

The gang characterization is sometimes broadly extended beyond the street and/or youth designation to include terrorist gang, prison gang, motorcycle gang, or .

In economics and economic sociology, embeddedness refers to the degree to which economic activity is constrained by non-economic institutions.

The term was created by economic historian Karl Polanyi as part of his substantivist approach. Polanyi argued that in non-market societies there are no pure economic institutions to which formal economic models can be applied. The Transformational leadership style has been with us for thousands of years — being both praised and cursed.

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Job embeddedness

New York Times columnist David Brooks has called this one of the “best magazine essays of the year” for ; Various interviews about, excerpts from, and articles about the book version of Shop Class as Soulcraft can be found archived here.

Why do we move and act? Why do we do what we do? Many theories of motivation have been proposed, however, the one that seems to make the most sense is “self-determination theory ”.

It is briefly presented here. Definitions: Why we do what we do. Wanting to move. Stimulating movement.

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