Master thesis agile project management

My research question is what should you start with?

Master thesis agile project management

Easing Into Agile Project Management: For that fitness program, you need to decide on a gym, an approach, and a schedule. In order to get the most from it, you need to create a routine that will fit your life, not force you to re-organize it all at once.

Getting into agile project management is very similar, hence, the importance of easing into it. What Is Agile Project Management? By agile, we mean more than simply bringing a measure of speed and deftness to the way you manage projects.

At its core, agile can be seen first as a philosophy—one that is contained within four values and 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto. Scrum and XP share similar traits, which come from the Agile Manifesto, including that they both: Place a significant emphasis on the team and client regularly interacting Create working software in an iterative fashion to allow users to test functionality as they program Focus on seeking interactions with the customer and end users in a collaborative fashion to ensure the product meets the needs in reality Stay committed to a more open and dynamic scope based on feedback from the customers and end users Knowing When master thesis agile project management Use Agile Project Management You need to know when to use agile.

master thesis agile project management

Agile project management was conceived and matured within the context of software development projects. One of the principles of agile is to deliver working software in an iterative fashion. So, instead of coding all the features into a new software solution before you preview it with the client, you may code in 15 features and then preview it with the end users to get their feedback and make necessary changes.

But one cannot build only 15 features of a house and then adjust, without extreme expense. Of course, we are beginning to see agile applied to non-software project types.

This is because the iterative and interactive nature of an agile methodology is appealing. In a more traditional approach to project management, one will set the scope of work for the entire project and attempt to maintain close adherence to it, protecting against scope creep.

Adherence to scope is key, given that the scope is properly identified. Therefore, the idea that if we take an agile approach, we can more easily modify and iterate on the scope of work to ensure stronger alignment to the desired business outcomes is appealing to organizations.

There are project types, however, where one can apply an agile philosophy, but not necessarily an agile methodology.

master thesis agile project management

For instance, in building a home, one can have an agile philosophy about working with the client to ensure that the end product is exactly what she wants, but one cannot strictly apply the scrum methodology to such a project.

The key here is to make sure you distinguish between when you can apply an agile methodology and when you can follow an agile philosophy. We alluded to this previously, but it bears repeating. Agile is a wonderful philosophy that has produced a number of really effective and helpful methodologies.

It may, but it may not. You need to dedicate the time and attention necessary to not simply learning the terms and approaches, but also to learning how to apply the philosophy and methodologies in a mature, contextually relevant manner to your own project environment.

At a minimum, you want training, but you should seek out training that is experiential. We wanted to ensure that people were well prepared for success in planning and executing agile-oriented projects.

He has over 15 years of experience managing projects of various size and scope in the construction, land development, IT, and higher education industries. Griffin is experienced in leading complex projects in highly dynamic environments. · project was to implement integrated management of the DH supply chain, with the overall objective to increase service level to customers and reduce logistic cost as percentage of Take your career to the next level with a masters of science in Agile project management online.

Learn more. · framework for Project Management within Software Development in this thesis, because Scrum is agile and appears to be the Project Management Structure or Framework mostly used in Software Development  · My master's thesis is to look at how to apply agile.

There is an awful lot of corporate selling of agile - lots of management consultants selling their brand as 'best'  · the field of project management, complexity, uncertainty, Lean and Agile will be performed.

Also some interviews to assess the current situation will be carried I Master of Science thesis Title Agile project management in the construction industry - An inquiry of the opportunities in construction projects.

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