Niruins business plan 09s army

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Niruins business plan 09s army

niruins business plan 09s army

Posted 09 January - AM collectiveanonymous Members 4 posts I know ideas are cheap, but I figure there is no harm in throwing out a few of my thoughts. It is a really nice touch. If random isn't viable coding wise, perhaps underwear by race?

Another idea that crossed my mind, is that when the tables are turned on you, and the follower starts pimping out the female PC, it would be amusing if the follower got payed, not the PC.

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The tricky part would be preventing the PC from retaking the payment from the follower's inventory. Whilst this didn't bother me, it seems this could be addressed by simply adding the wench to the potential follower faction at the same time they are added to the prostitute's guild faction.

This could make Niamh's betrayal have more impact, as it would mean players lose access to pimpable followers, rather than a small income source. Also, I thought that as brawling seems to be the conventional way to resolve problems in Skyrim, perhaps Niamh's betrayal could temporarily be halted if you win a brawl against her?

There were more ideas than I thought. Take them with a grain of salt. Finally, I would just like to say that I really enjoy this mod, thank you for making Skyrim a much more interesting place!Army insight course work experience.

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niruins business plan 09s army

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