Organizational culture analysis essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Organizational Analysis Essay Sample September 9, In order to effectively analyze the various behavioral components within my current organization, I will describe the demonstrated attitudes shown by individuals within this company. Additionally, I will analyze the organizational behavior of Welding Unlimited, as an organization, by describing the type of culture, modes of communication, nature of authority, motivational techniques, areas of emotional intelligence, and how the components of a virtual organization are included.

Organizational culture analysis essay

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ZTE Corporation deals with distribution of IT and telecommunication equipment in various parts of the globe. The company was founded back in in Shenzhen, China. Today, innovations and the delivery of quality equipment to the market make up one the key targets of the company.

Over the past few years, the profits made by the corporation have made it be enlisted in the Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchange.

The key drivers in the success of the company in the global arena are the organizational practice that the company has been preserving. The activity leads to the creation of perfect corporate governance that facilitates the delivery of quality products and services to the growing market around different parts of the globe.

The system of shared values, beliefs and assumptions that govern how staff members behave in companies is organizational culture. The values play an influential role. Apparently, they dictate the way the employees act, dress, and perform their daily duties.

Each organization has its own set of values that needs to be preserved and observed to facilitate daily operations.

The development of specific guidelines to follow plays an integral part in the maintenance of organizational culture within the company. ZTE Corporation is one company that has withheld the organizational culture through the practice of business ethics.

Through the observation of business ethics the company has managed to make profits in the competing telecommunication and IT industry. The paper discusses the business ethics practice that ZTE Corporation has maintained ever since its formation.

Organizational Analysis Essay Sample

Organizational culture case study The maintenance of positive relations between ZTE Corporation and its environment is an essential practice that enables the company to expand its activities in the global arena.

The practice of business ethics is a preferable activity because it leads to the creation of positive relations between the company and its microenvironment. The articulation of ideas in the dimensions gives the explanation about the importance of practicing business ethics within a company Luger, The ability to incorporate business ethics practice makes the framework suitable for all classes.

The dimensions provide a quick analysis that empowers an individual to come up with effective ways of understanding the business ethic practice that the company exercises Hofstede, The applicability of the dimensions in a business ethics perspective makes it the most preferred theoretical framework because of its increased level of effectiveness.

The understanding of the dimensions plays an effectual role in integrating the practices of the organization with the cultural setting of a new target area.

The understanding of the power index dimension plays an effective role in explaining the basic concepts of the framework. The first dimension is the power distance index PDI.HR Assignment Help Online Review Analysis: Essay on Organizational Culture about change Question asked??

HR Assignment Help Online Review Analysis: Essay on Organizational Culture about change

Write an essay on organizational culture for the growth and development of the organization?? Solution Proposed:: Introduction The following report includes the discussion about analysis of the concept of organizational culture. An Analysis of Organisational Culture Essay. B. Pages Words This is just a sample.

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Free Essay: Organizational Culture Analysis Danielle Stacey Business Dr La Tonya Gale February 25, Each organization has a different culture. The. Organizational Analysis Essay Sample. September 9, Organizational culture and structures are respected and closely resemble a do unto others model.

In short, treat others as you would like to be treated. Therefore, respect is equal and is emphasized by management often. In a perfect world, the communication phase is the favorable.

Organizational culture analysis essay

HR Assignment Help Online Review Analysis: Essay on Organizational Culture about change Question asked?? Write an essay on organizational culture for the growth and development of the organization??

Organisational Culture and Change Essay. Print Reference this. This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies. Culture within an organisational context is a widely explored paradigm. It is nature and mottled definitions have formed the basis of organisational study for many decades. Organizational Culture usually refers to how people feel about the organization, their perception of management and the authority system, and the degree of employee involvement and commitment to attainment of organizational goals. Each organization has a different culture. The culture can help shape how an organization functions and has the potential to set it apart from the competition.

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Illustrate a real-life example to support your arguments. Illustrate a real-life example to support your arguments.

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