Othello justice essay

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Othello justice essay

Hire Writer In many of William Shakespeare s works he used analogous plot structure. This technique involves placing two characters is the same situation, but each character makes a different decision about the situation. An example of analogous plot structure in Othello occurs when Iago lies to both Othello and Desdemona.

Iago, in his anger for being passed up for promotion, plans to destroy Othello s relationship with Desdemona. He does this by telling Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio.

Othello justice essay

In accordance with this technique Othello Othello justice essay very distant from Desdemona after hearing these lies while remains calm and denies the false accusations. Othello, known for his bad temper, ultimately becomes insanely mad at Desdemona and kills her in a fit of anger.

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Othello and Desdemona were both put in a situation that could have been resolved with patience and time, but where Desdemona made the correct decision of remaining calm, Othello lost his temper. After Othello murders his wife, he finds out that she was never unfaithful to him.

Othello then kills himself and falls into the bed beside his wife. Analogous plot structure creates more drama and surprise in the play. In most situations, one character is placed in a situation and makes the correct decision, while another character makes the wrong decision. An example of analogous plot structure in Henry V is when King Henry disguises himself as a soldier and meets with three men including Michael Williams the night before the Battle of Agincourt.

King Henry puts himself in the situation of a soldier, to see what his men thought of him. Michael Williams never doubts his own obedience to the crown yet he wonders if the King feels any sorrow for the soldiers who are about to die in battle.

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King Henry, in disguise, listens to Williams very carefully and suggests that they fight after the battle so they exchange gloves this way they would recognize each other. When Michael Williams realizes that the man he was supposed to fight was actually the King, he defends himself honestly.

King Henry rewards the honest soldier with the glove, which he filled with money. King Henry was honored to see that his soldiers were loyal to him. They would have killed Henry if they were not caught. Instead the traitors were charged with treason and killed. These men caused King Henry to wonder who he could trust.

In this example of analogous plot structure the King is placed in two separate situations — one of being proud because of his loyal soldiers and one of betrayal from his friends.

William Shakespeare s writings show how jealousy respect, power, glory, and honor can create a better life or destroy a person completely.

There are many unexpected consequences, which are brought about by honor and glory. Shakespeare is known for his ability to create a mood or setting where as the reader can actually put themselves in the position of the character. Being able to understand a character s emotion helps the reader or audience to see the character differently in his or her own mind.

Othello falls in love with and marries Desdemona. Desdemona is the young white daughter of a senator. Desdemona s father hates Othello and discourages her from seeing him. The character of Othello has certain traits that can make him seem naive and of a lower class than others he is accompanied with.

During the first scenes of the play, Othello is shown as a hero of war and as a man of great honor and glory. Other characters of the play all form various opinions of Othello.

Iago, the soldier who got passed over for promotion to lieutenant by Othello, explains his dislike for the general. Throughout Othello, many characters are refered to symbollicaly as animals.

Othello is disrespectfully referred to by Iago as a black ram, and Desdemona is referred to a white ewe. Iago shows his disrespect and jealousy of Othello and Cassio in his first soliloquy.Essay writing download discipline in life holidays english essay app ios about internet essay japanese hate in othello essay.

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Shakespeare. Story of Othello. Roots of Othello’s jealousy. Principal Characters Othello, the Moor of Venice, a black military man acclaimed for his conquests Desdemona, his wife, the beautiful daughter of a government official Iago, Othello's devious ensign Emilia, lago's wife, and attendant to Desdemona Cassio, Othello's devoted lieutenant.

In both the tragedies of King Lear and Othello, the plot is affected by one character's malicious actions, which exacerbate any tensions that are already inherent in the relationships between the characters.

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