Sound architecture thesis

Writing Sound architecture thesis proposal titles If you wish to get the own hard-earned amount of architecture then, you certainly have to write an excellent architecture thesis. It takes a top quality architecture thesis abstract.

Sound architecture thesis

I have been asked to present the topics for my fifth year thesis.

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So, I have been thinking about what topics interest me the most. Manipulating the human psychology with architecture, especially through sound, light, texture, etc.

I think that the studies on the architectural marvels of ancient India, Greece, Rome, etc. However, I am not sure if this is an effective topic or what kind of design proposal should I apply this research on. Moreover, I have always wanted to work on something Sound architecture thesis makes a remarkable change in the society.

Does a thesis on my intended topic have a scope of contributing to that?? All suggestions and crits are welcome. Thank you in advance Oct 14, 13 Here is a little excerpt from an essay I wrote: Experience can be sensory or emotional; it can constitute amusement, satisfaction, indifference or displeasure.

Feel free to use my views, I think its somewhere up your alley.

Musical architecture : layers of sound & space

Is this thing not moderated? Oct 15, 13 8: Thank u very much. Oct 16, 13 Im also reading that book Corrections and Collections which is sort of depressing so far but good. Who knows where your research will take you but it seems like a good topic with lots of possibilities.

Oct 16, 13 3: I must say that ur comment has also got me rethinking on another interest of mine It deals with how psychology plays an important role in the crime rate of a neighborhood and also how low cost housing can prove to become a social hazard if not handled thoughtfully.

The Pruitt-Igoe project was designed by a prominent architect back in the day and the entire project was demolished in just twenty years. It's something that makes you want to stop and think about how it might have been back then. There's a documentary about the project. You should try watching it.

Oct 17, 13 5: I always appreciate when students do projects on experience that are based in practical application.


I am very skeptical of the atmospheric and installation based 'architecture' projects I've seen in recent years. Oct 17, 13 We have a similar topic!

I also investigated about Architecture appealing to the 5 senses, how it affects the users. I focused heavily on "Holistic Architecture".

Sound architecture thesis

Anyway, your topic is something you should really like or must be inclined to it. You will read a lot of stuff about your topic so I think your preference of the subject comes first. Balance how your interests can contribute to the Architectural society by doing a more specific study on an unexplored area of interest.

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Oct 19, 13 8: The reason for this topic is that i wanted to choose a topic where i can show my idealisms in particular fields of culture, iconism, national structure. But the Problem here is i cant find a Site for this topic.

Please Help me in finding a site. I dont understand here whether i can choose a site in a state where already there is a Vidhan Bhavan, or i would just need to Redevelop an existing VB?The human experience of sound is an essential element to our understanding of the built environment.

however, sound has played a minimal aspect in the construction of meaning in contemporary architecture, and is given little attention in architectural education as a source of design inspiration.

this thesis investigates sound as an architectural, cultural . See the latest news and architecture related to Sound, only on ArchDaily.

Sound architecture thesis proposal titles. If you wish to get the own hard-earned amount of architecture then, you certainly have to write an excellent architecture thesis.

It takes a top quality architecture thesis abstract. unique architecture thesis proposal and as they are architecture thesis presentation to generate a superb landscape.

This thesis advances the theory of sound architecture by focusing on the smallest component of sound -the frequency- and translating that into the smallest component of form, -the gradient.

Frequencies layer on one another to create an entire sonic composition, so must the gradients blend together to bring architecture into being.

Sound exists in architecture and architecture exists in sound. The process of how the two have influenced each other can be observed throughout history and has brought us the most surprising outcomes.

tee), Paul Reller (Thesis Committee), Trent Green (Thesis I Professor) Words could not express the gratitude to my family and friends for the endless support and standing by my side throughout this crazy endeavor called architecture school.

Sound and Architecture – Mutual Influence - ScienceDirect