Spread english global world

English spread as a result of British colonialism 18th and 19th centuries English spread as the language of British leadership in the Industrial Revolution Late 19th and early 20th c. English spread as the language of American economic superiority and political leadership. Second half of 2th c. English spread as a consequence of American technological domination.

Spread english global world

The richness and depth of English's vocabulary sets it apart from other languages. If technical and scientific words were to be included, the total would rise to well over a million. By some estimates, the English lexicon is currently increasing by over 8, words a year, although other estimates put this as high as 15, to 20, It is estimated that aboutEnglish words are in common use, as compared toin German, and merein French.

Add to this the wealth of English idioms and phrases, and the available material with which to express meaning is truly prodigious, whether the intention is poetry, business or just everyday conversation. It is a very flexible language.

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One example of this is in respect of word order and the ability to phrase sentences as active or passive e. I kicked the ball, or the ball was kicked by me. Another is in the ability to use the same word as both a noun and a verb such as drink, fight, silence, etc.

New words can easily be created by the addition of prefixes or suffixes e. For example, should common but incorrect usages e. Its grammar is generally simpler than most languages. It dispenses completely with noun genders hence, no dithering between le plume or la plume, or between el mano or la manoand often dispenses with the article completely e.

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The History of English - English as a Global Language

The distinction between familiar and formal addresses were abandoned centuries ago the single English word you has seven distinct choices in German: In German, each verb has 16 different forms Latin has a possible ! Some would also claim that it is also a relatively simple language in terms of spelling and pronunciation, although this claim is perhaps more contentious.

There are somewhere between 44 and 52 unique sounds used in English pronunciation depending on the authority consultedalmost equally divided between vowel sounds and consonants, as compared to 26 in Italian, for example, or just 13 in Hawaiian.

In its defence, though, its consonants at least are fairly regular in pronunciation, and it is blessedly free of the accents and diacritical marks which festoon many other languages.

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Also, its borrowings of foreign words tend to preserve the original spelling rather than attempting to spell them phonetically. Arguably, some of the inconsistencies do help to distinguish between homophones like fissure and fisher; seas and seize; air and heir; aloud and allowed; weather and whether; chants and chance; flu, flue and flew; reign, rein and rain; etc.

IMAGE from InterSol Some argue that the cosmopolitan character of English from its adoption of thousands of words from other languages with which it came into contact gives it a feeling of familiarity and welcoming compared to many other languages such as French, for example, which has tried its best to keep out other languages.But in global terms, the spread of English began in 16 th century, when the language became a tool of imperial expansion, and end up by gaining a special place in the history of a significant number of countries.

This was what happened in . The Spread of the English Language and its Effects on International Business There is no denying English is widely recognized as today’s global language.

The increase in interaction and interconnection between all the world’s countries continues to grow. educators, linguists, teachers and others connected with English worldwide – to write a column for the journal on issues of controversy, debate, work in the field, and matters of topical and immediate interest.

Apr 09,  · English and globalization have spread hand in hand through the world, Warschauer said. "Having a global language has assisted globalization, and globalization has consolidated the .

Spread english global world

English has reached high status world-wide because of several factors; as the mother tongue of millions of people all over the world, as the language that millions of children learn at school and the language that is used in international relations, for global communication and as the major media language.

English became the international language it is today because of the British Empire.

Spread english global world

About a quarter of the world's landmass was under British control at its peak and English was the official language in .

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