Textiles coursework shop profile

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Textiles coursework shop profile

Next Designers and manufacturers use product analysis to help them develop ideas for new or improved products and to analyse the work of other designers. Quality assurance is a system of checks and inspections to ensure high standards throughout design and manufacture.

Analysing products Analysing a textile product involves asking three questions. Is it fit for purpose? Does it meet the needs of the target market?

Textiles coursework shop profile

How well is it designed and made? Designers will consider these questions when analysing both their own designs and the work of other designers. Answering the three questions above will normally involve an evaluation of the following criteria: Does the product measure up to it?

What are their needs? The quality of the fibres, fabrics and manufacture: Does it give value for money? Any safety or moral issues. Does the product conform to safety regulations?

What is its impact on the environment? Designers often start by looking at the work of other designers and analysing the choices they have made. They consider how successfully the product meets these criteria and what could be changed to improve it.

In order to analyse a textile product you will often need to sketch the front and back views, work out and sketch the pattern pieces and work out the order of assembly of the pattern pieces. Designers and manufacturers evaluate on an ongoing basis during design development and while manufacturing.Groups Courses My Jobs Job alerts Career profile Resources Author dashboard.


Textiles coursework shop profile

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docx, 18 MB. Unit 2 Coursework Guide Portfolio. About this resource/5(5). Prerequisite(s): Permission of Cooperative Work Experience Education instructor and employment supervisor Transfer Status: CSU.

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