The debate about the legalization of cannabis in canada

Such is the attitude of many in the towns seeking to capitalize on Canada's legalization of recreational marijuana, set to go into effect on Oct.

The debate about the legalization of cannabis in canada

Comments As Justin Trudeau's Liberal government tables its long-awaited marijuana legislation, Canada's doctors have a message about pot: Just because it will eventually be legal, doesn't mean it's safe.

The debate about the legalization of cannabis in canada

The Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Paediatric Society and other organizations representing front-line health-care providers have been busy broadcasting their concerns about the ill effects of cannabis, especially for chronic smokers under the age of The medical profession in this country has long had misgivings about medicinal marijuana — namely, that there is not enough solid evidence of pot's efficacy in treating chronic pain and other ailments to warrant a doctor's endorsement.

But with the advent of legal recreational marijuana, doctors have a different set of worries. Addiction One top-of-mind concern: The potential for addiction to marijuana, especially among teens and young adults. Cannabis use crosses over into disorder territory when it begins to cause dysfunction in users' day-to-day lives, derailing their commitment to school or work and sowing conflict in their families, said Dr.

Grant, the lead author of the Canadian Paediatric Society's position statement on marijuana, released last fall.

Mental illness Cannabis has also been linked to certain mental illnesses. The drug's relationship to depression and anxiety is still up in the air; the science has not established a causal relationship between the two.

In other words, it's not clear if people smoke pot because they are depressed and anxious or are depressed and anxious because they smoke pot. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement There is stronger evidence that heavy use of cannabis can lead to psychosis, especially among people who have a family history of mental illness, Dr.

However, the vast majority of the research involved people who use cannabis daily. The scientific literature is virtually silent on the mental-health effects of smoking pot now and then.

Citing concerns about the adolescent brain, the CMA, which represents the country's physicians, last year urged the federal government to ban the sale of marijuana to people under the age of 21 and to restrict the amount and potency of the drug available to those younger than Driving while high Story continues below advertisement Most of the health concerns associated with cannabis apply to heavy users.

But occasional tokers can wreak havoc if they get behind the wheel while high. It impairs your ability to multitask and pay attention.

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Your lungs on pot "Whether it's tobacco or cannabis," Dr. Porath said, "there are concerns with smoking anything. It can also aggravate asthma.

Although marijuana smoke contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as cigarette smoke, the evidence that pot-smoking causes lung cancer is mixed, according to a review of the evidence by the CCSA. The same is true of cannabis smoke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, an umbrella term that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Recent studies have suggested "no causal relationship" to COPD in cases where patients smoked low-to-moderate amounts of pot, the CCSA report said, but more research is needed among heavy smokers of the drug.

Follow Kelly Grant on Twitter kellygrant1.Canada is the latest country to take up such serious consideration into the same debate over the legalization of marijuana.

There are indeed valid reasons as to why the nation wants to legalize its usage. The answer, in his mind, is reasonable government regulation for the legal sale of marijuana.

In a nutshell, it’s all about public health. Should Canada's Senate vote in favor of the Cannabis Act, the House of Commons also do so, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sign the bill into law, it's expected to add $5 billion to the legal.

Canada had already legalized medical marijuana, and Canopy predicted full legalization for recreational use to be next.

The debate about the legalization of cannabis in canada

What the company hadn’t predicted, however, was the sudden flood of. This debate is about the legalization of marijuana in Canada, Bop is on the side of Pro, Pro needs to provide significant arguments that marijuana should be legalized in Canada, and if Con fails to refute those than Pro wins.

Marijuana Legalization Canada – Highlights of The Cannabis Act No person could sell or provide cannabis to any person under the age of The Act would create 2 new criminal offences, with maximum penalties of 14 years in jail, for giving or selling cannabis to youth, and using a youth to commit a cannabis-related offence.

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