Tula ng magkakaibigan

October 7, Hi guys. My fingers are itching to write; I miss hitting the keyboard with stories and ideas vomiting out of my brain faster than my fingers can type. I know, I left my blog idle for quite some time, and I really do wish I could write from time to time. I know also that I have been saying that every time but still end up having no single update at all.

Tula ng magkakaibigan

May 22nd, at If that were the case then 80 per cent of all the broadcasters and 70 per cent of all the journalists would be out of work.

I lost my cool there… with that judgemental comment. Batul kung gaano kabigat ang kalaban nya, hanga ako sa katapangan nya, he is well loved by the people of Palawan, and so is Mayor Hagedorn.

Malaki ang respeto o takot? Wala rin magagawa kung kumuha ng bodyguard si Mr. Sana umalis na lang sya at nagpalamig muna nung binantaan sya. Sayang, huli na ang lahat. Toro May 23rd, at 8: They are the rare breed who are always in grave danger because they make it their business to expose corruption.

They are fearless crusaders, but nonetheless fearful of losing their life. They value their life but they also know they have a job to do. I should know because I come from Tula ng magkakaibigan family of journalists. The news must be reported out.

The pay is not even commensurate to the risks they take. The loss of Dong Batul weighs heavily on those who belong to this much respected profession.

Tula ng magkakaibigan

Sadly, others take such events for granted. Some bloggers here are either insensitive or senseless. Very much like the administration who brands all opposition as communist and distabilizers.

Welcome to the other face of blogging. Pasensiya ka na, just tell yourself you are a better person. BTW, your sight is great. Hope to see more posts from you. If indeed a journalist has solid proof of an individuals wrong doings. It happens always if someone has no case then you attack in media.

Media just like anything can always be used for personal reasons. Although, I find it starnge to put media in a pedistal. I think media is as good as they can give the complete story that takes all sides.

I think media must not pretend to be the keeprs of the truth or justice because there are the proper courts that can do that. I said he guested leftist.


Can be equally said that he guested the attacked parties equally too? Freewheeler, I said he guested leftist as is written in articles about his death. I was only mentioning a fact. I think good people who are smart do leave longer as against those who are reckless.

Sadly, if anyone is a crusading journalist, chances are you will be courting death, unless one takes steps to be on the defensive. May 23rd, at 3: Huseng Bulag May 23rd, at 3: But journalists do that and cases will choke our courts. Strictly speaking, challenging wrongdoers in court is out of the realms of journalism.

Ever wonder why no journalist ever brought wrongdoers to court on his own initiative? Did Woodward and Bernstein personally filed the impeachment case against Nixon? We should be thankful that the shenanigans are brought out to the open by these brave and dedicated souls.

But taking the law in their hands puts them also at their own risk. How can the State be responsible for people who take the law into their hand in a certain way?an astig ko na tula para sa amo na lima na physics majors. PHYSICS MAJORS Anide Yamaguchi Kami’y limang magkakaibigan, Pero dati’y ‘di nag-iimikan.

Ngayon ulo’y puro kalokohan. Bawat minuto’y panay tawanan. Physics majors ang tawag sa grupo. Ay malaman ng mga mambabasa. Si Rowel ay mahilig kumanta. Si Jordan nama’y astig. Ang ritmo ng tula ay nagsasabi kung ilang papantig na baybay ang isang taludtod. Paglalahat Ano-ano ang salik ng tula?

Ipabasa ang dapat tandaan sa LM. Ang taludtoday ang linya sa saknong. Ano-ano ang magkatugmang salita sa hulihan ng saknong? (kailangan. 1. Pagtalakay Ilang pangkat ng linya mayroon ang tula?

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