Typhoon chataan

During the first few months, the Squadron established Headquarters at Pearl Harbor and laid groundwork for Polaris Operations in the Pacific. One of the most difficult tasks was establishing and executing the vast training program required for the Blue and Gold crews of each submarine.

Typhoon chataan

Palau's reefs are famous around the world, while Chuuk is renowned for its sunken wrecks.

태풍 하이옌 (년) - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전

Pohnpei is home to mysterious Nan Madol, while Kosrae is called the jewel of Micronesia for its unspoiled environment. On the isolated atolls of Marshall Islands and Kiribati, life moves at a slower pace with fishing and gardening the main activities.

Intriguing relics of World War Two are found almost everywhere, above and below the waterline. You can surf, swim, dive, bike, kayak, camp, and hike here.

Typhoon chataan

Few visitors to the Marshall Islands get beyond Majuro Atoll. After visiting the Alele Museum in downtown D-U-D Municipality, the thing to do on Majuro is to take the kilometer drive to Laura at the opposite end of the atoll. Two local companies organize scuba diving from Majuro with shark diving an attraction.

Kosrae features one of the most accessible archaeological sites in Micronesia. Coral walkways have been laid out between the huge basalt logs of the Lelu ruins behind Lelu town.

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Kosrae also has a number of hills to climb and several companies cater to scuba divers. The ruins of Nan Madol on the east side of Pohnpei Island are touted as the Venice of the Pacific for the large stone buildings separated by canals.

Construction of this ancient city began around years ago but it had already been abandoned when the first Europeans arrived. It's a fascinating site today. Otherwise, Pohnpei's jerry-built capital Kolonia is fun to explore briefly, and there are hills and waterfalls to visit around the island.

Chuuk Truk is famous for the 70 sunken Japanese ships which litter its lagoon. The vast majority of contemporary visitors come to Chuuk to dive on these wrecks, and land-based Japanese artillery provides an incentive to the hiker. Guam is an island with a split personality. The northern half is a blend of American suburbia and huge military bases.

Southern Guam is closer to the original Chamorro island, as it was before the Americans arrived. In the capital Agana is a Latte Stone Park with megalithic monuments re-erected in The beach along the west side of Saipan Island in the Northern Marianas is like a little Waikiki for packaged Japanese tourists.

These visitors make pilgrimages to cliffs at the north end of Saipan where large numbers of their country people jumped to their deaths in The planes which dropped the atomic bombs on Japan took off from Tinian Island nearby. Rota Island between Saipan and Guam has fewer wartime associations but good scuba diving.

Yap is famous for the thousands of huge stone "coins" found around the island. Footpaths link the villages and this is one of the areas where traditional culture is most alive.Typhoon Chataan formed on June 28, , near the FSM, and for several days it meandered while producing heavy rainfall across the region.

In Chuuk, a state in the FSM, the highest hour precipitation total was mm ( in), [37] which was greater than the average monthly total. This is a list of all Pacific typhoons that have had their names retired by the Japan Meteorological Agency.A total of 29 typhoon names have been retired since the start of official tropical cyclone naming in the western North Pacific Ocean in Tropical cyclone names are retired by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in a meeting in January or February.

A smaller typhoon, Chataan, which struck July , left some areas of the island without power for a month.

2002 Pacific typhoon season

Compounding the local difficulties is a massive fire at the fuel supply depot at Apra. Chataan turned to the northeast, and became extratropical on the 11th. Chataan killed 55 and $ million in damage between Chuuk and Guam, making it the first typhoon to . She was living on the island of Guam in with a significant other who was stationed there when Typhoon Chataan blew through, devastating the island and region.

During these day and night operations, FEMA was also closely monitoring flood-ravaged counties in central and south Texas and deploying disaster assistance workers, monitoring the catastrophic wild fires still burning in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Utah and California and monitoring Typhoon Chataan in the western Pacific that impacted the Federated States of Micronesia and Guam .

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